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Jake Galant

Jake Galant is the Director and Head Counselor of camp. Jake has been at Tera Byte all 9 of the previous years. He has been the onsite director for two years, a counselor for the past three years, has taught MMF to many campers, even before formally being a counselor, and helped develop the new iPhone course which he ran last summer. Jake founded Tera Byte Outreach, a special program for low-income youth in Dallas, which ran its inaugural program last June at the JP Starks Elementary School.

Age 15, Jake is now a freshman at St. Mark’s School of Texas where, throughout Middle School, he has consistently won Awards of Excellence ( given to 10% of the students) in multiple academic subjects. Jake is on the debate team and won two novice high school debate tournaments while still in Middle School. He participated in math competitions throughout Middle School including qualifying to advance to State Mathcounts and was on Destination Imagination teams that took first place in Texas, qualifying for Global Finals, twice. He’s studying Chinese and traveled to The Republic of Georgia and Italy for two CISV programs. He’s really interested in playing tennis and fantasy sports.

zach galant

Zach founded the camp in the summer of 2004 as a Greenhill student. For the first 6 years, Zach was the main teacher at camp. Now a graduate from Stanford and the co-founder of the new online computer programming course,, Zach assists Jake with running the operation behind the scenes while Jake supervises other fantastic counselors and CITs who started as campers.

brian wiora

Brian is a senior at Greenhill. He is on the debate team and High Honor Roll. He has attended debate camps at UNT and Harvard, and he won an award for excellence in History at Greenhill. He plays basketball and volleyball for Greenhill, and he’s on a separate, traveling club volleyball team as well. In his free time, he enjoys blogging and working on the monologue film he’s producing. His favorite movies are Casablanca, The Dark Knight, and 12 Angry Men.

jordan gibbs

Jordan is a  senior at Greenhill School, on Honor Roll, and has been at Greenhill for 10 years.  He is on the Greenhill Varsity Tennis Team , plays piano and drums, is co-president of the Ukelele club, and does other random things. He’s gone to the Tera Byte camp since the beginning as a camper and has been a counselor for 5 years! His favorite movie is the Dark Knight, and his favorite game is either Super Smash Bros. Brawl or one of the first Pokemon games.